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Things You May Not Know About Swedish massage 

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Nowadays, almost all people love to distress through massage therapy. The soothing effects of the strokes and the scents of the massage oil bring calmness and relaxation. Also, massage therapy allows you to forget the outside problems and have a moment of relief. It can also help you ease the pain that you are feeling in your body, specifically in your muscles.  



On the other hand, massage therapy is not only for relaxation and calmness. It brings an incredible impact on people who are suffering from arthritis, fascia, and muscle pains. Aside from that, even though massage therapy is traditional healing, it is still best for injuries. 

One of the most famous types of massage therapy is Swedish massage. Many people who have a drastic and chaotic week choose this type of massage to feel better and to release the stress that they are feeling.  

Because of the growing number of people who love Swedish massage therapy, many companies exert effort to accommodate them. The massage Visalia CAis one of the companies that provide excellent Swedish massage at this moment. With their well-executed techniques and warm accommodation, many people are encouraged and interested to visit their company. 


As we all know, Swedish therapy is the origin of all western massage techniques. It involves swept strokes, rolled pressure, tapping, and friction for muscle relaxation and tightness reduction. However, if you think that you know everything about Swedish massage therapy, you should read this article since the information it contains might surprise you! 

Here are the things you may not know about Swedish massage therapy: 

  1. If you think that Swedish massage therapy originated from Sweden because of its name, you are wrong. The creator of this therapy is a Dutchman. He is also known for naming classic strokes in French words. For instance, the term effleurage refers to smooth strokes.  
  2. Based on the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Swedish massage therapy helps in reducing stress. It decreases the amount of cortisol in our body and increases white cell production.  
  3. Swedish massage therapy comes from the concept of western anatomy. Many types of massage like deep, aromatherapy, and more use this type of view. Without Swedish massage, western approaches will never exist.  
  4. Did you know that Swedish massage therapy has beauty benefits? Yes, this type of therapy plumps skin and brightens your complexion. All you have to do is to relax and distress. 
  5. If you are new to the massage therapy world, Swedish massage is the best choice for you. This type of massage therapy will not give you hard times since it only involve soft and light pressure.  
  6. After having Swedish massage therapy, there are things that you should do that can bring a positive impact to your body. Avoid drinking liquors that have caffeine and alcohol. Remember not to indulge yourself to nicotine as well.  

Do not feel guilty of pampering yourself with massage therapy once in a while. It helps you gain energy to survive for the upcoming week and become productive even more. If you want to avail our Swedish massage, visiting our website is the best thing to do! 


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